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Personal therapy and consultations

The author of this website, Fritz Loest, is available for personal therapy and consultations. Sessions are conducted either in person or via internet video call. Fritz is based in Cape Town, South Africa, but works regularly with clients from other countries. Sessions are generally one-and-a-half hour long. Fees are priced affordably.

Types of sessions

1) Personal depth work. Fritz currently offers two types of personal work. (Click on link to read more.)

2) Astrology readings. Fritz offers various forms of readings. (Click on link to read more.)

3) I Ching readings. (Click on link to read more.)

4) Ad hoc consultations. These are for limited and specific explorations. Either a once-off consultation, or a series of a specified amount of sessions.

For any inquiries, please feel welcome to contact Fritz via the adjacent form.

About Fritz Loest

Fritz discovered his interest in psychology shortly before completing his second degree in business and law in 1996. He studied two years of university psychology while working in finance. But realised this was not what he was after. Three years later he encountered the Tamboo Academy. Here he was introduced to a psychology that focuses on cultivating soul rather than on being functional in the world.

This psychology traces its origins to classical Greek culture. It overtly states that soul cannot be cultivated through scientific-mindedness. But through mythological and poetic awareness, through cultivating imagination. Formally it is called Archetypal Psychology. An integral part of the curriculum was practical exploration and in-depth studies of cultural-spiritual lineages compatible and complementary to this psychology. As well as undergoing stringent transformational psychological work for the entire duration of study. Fritz studied with the Tamboo Academy for twelve years until 2015.

Fritz has practiced as a therapist since 2005, and has also run workshops and courses. He has worked and trained in-depth with several teachers and therapists since 2003. He has been practically trained in several fields. These include Alchemy, Taoism, Buddhism, Sacred sexuality, Shamanism, Mythology, Ritual and Meditation. He has also studied the I Ching intensively since 1995, both as a psychology and an oracle. And also completed a two-year certificate-course in Astrology with Rod Suskin. He has also worked in publishing and finance for more than fifteen years and has found working in the business world invaluable for being a therapist. And for learning from ‘life in the world’.