‘Psychotherapy, in accordance with the root meaning of the words “psyche” and “therapy” means to serve soul, not to treat it. Serving soul implies letting it rule; it leads, we follow. Therapy will have room for the bizarre, decayed and fantastic.’

– James Hillman, from Re-Visioning Psychology

The alchemists, whose ideas are central to what is involved in the transformations of the psyche, spoke of their ‘opus’, meaning ‘work’. Which was not the striving, goal-oriented, exclusively materialistic endeavour our culture today makes it out to be. But rather, our work, our opus, is really a work of art, or from another angle, learning the art of living artfully.

To feel this sense of our personal depth work being a work of art, we need to first ‘constellate the container,’ which is an energetic reality that is difficult to describe. But when it constellates we immediately know that ‘this is the container.’ As if our eyes and ears become attuned to sense the continuous processes happening inside us like some ‘other’ presence inside us, emanating a feeling of something ‘magical’ happening. When we then, for example, chance upon the symbolism of alchemy, we are struck by their resonance with something we are familiar with, but can’t really put into words. We start to see why all alchemical processes always occur in some kind of ‘vessel’. This sense of containment is essential for inner transformation.

The vessels of one-on-one work are central to cultivate in us this ‘body-sense’ of our personal work being contained. It ‘binds together’ the rest of the work required in other vessels and places. As if the mere arriving at sessions on a regular and rhythmic basis, done with the deeply felt intent or longing for our inner alchemy to be activated, awakens in us an awareness that was not there before. As if being rhythmically witnessed and worked on, cultivates our ability to track the continuity of process inside us. As if an observer inside us wakes up who gradually deepens into and perceives from a kind of ‘fresh,’ natural intelligence; from a knowing without analysis.

Done on a regular basis, one-on-one sessions become a ritual container for the various processes of alchemical initiation. ‘The whole is more than the sum of its parts,’ fundamentally applies to one-on-one work. Alchemical processes start to happen ‘beneath the surface of consciousness’. A lot more is activated than what was simply said and done inside the sessions. We feel and sense it and feel its power as it does its work deep below our awareness. In other words, we don’t know exactly what is happening, but we do know that something significant is going on. More often than not, all we do is contain it, lightly, like the alchemist tending a fire, keeping it at just the right level to keep the work going. We learn the art of allowed the soul to do its work on us without our interference.

Fritz Loest currently offers several vessels for one-on-one work. All one-on-one work can be done in person or online. [Click on links below for more information]

Imaginal Therapy is for the psychological and spiritual treatment of disorders, wounds and crises. These include physical illnesses, psychological or sexual wounds rooted in personal history, spiritual emergencies or concerns, and practical problems or crises. Imaginal philosophy insists firmly on the wisdom received from so many traditions that all of existence is deeply interconnected to all of existence. So that soul, body, mind, spirit and the material world are organically interconnected and inseparable. Soul often uses seemingly random, unrelated, ‘external’ events like accidents, crises, physical illness and even being raised in so-called dysfunctional families, to draw attention to psychological urgencies.

Soul-Making is for mentoring and assistance to anyone who is already on, or wish to open to, their path of heart. A central idea here is that our life in this world can only be experienced as meaningful if our entire life becomes dedicated to ‘soul-making’. This is a core orienting principle of the lineage of Sacred River and goes back thousands of years. Perhaps its truth seems self-evident, but most people are habitually trapped in pathways not true to their authentic being. Soul-making entails opening to follow the calls from one’s true destiny, one’s deepest soul-longings, which anyone is able to do, no matter where they find themselves. For most people, the practicalities of doing this involves a radical departure from the way they’ve lived so far.

Imaginal Astrology uses the tool of Astrology to glimpse again, or perhaps to truly and deeply connect back into flowing in the experience of, the truth that all of existence is ensouled. That is, alive with soul. And that by heeding the calls of our destiny, we may learn to flow inside that experience of erotic soulfulness more consistently. Astrology properly used is a form of divination, which means it has the power to re-connect us to that numinous experience that is the true meaning of ‘the divine’. Fritz does several types of Astrology readings and often uses Astrology as an orienting or ‘quickening’ tool inside the vessels of imaginal therapy and soul-making.

Imaginal I Ching employs the ancient Chinese tradition as contained in The Book of Changes, both as a separate divinatory tool and as a source of wisdom that permeates the work done in all of the other vessels at Sacred River. The Book of Changes embodies the core teachings and spirit of really all the other wisdom traditions found on this website. It is a most powerful tool, both for practical advice and for the deepest spiritual teachings. Fritz uses the I Ching for individual readings, as a tool in both imaginal therapy and soul-making, and in imaginal I Ching Therapy which consists of using the I Ching over a series of sessions.

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