The Teachings of Don Carlos

don carlos

The titular ‘Don Carlos’ refers to Carlos Castaneda. But of course, the ‘Don’ is really a reference to Don Juan Matus, who initiated Castaneda into the Toltec tradition of Shamanism. In his book, The teachings of Don Carlos, Victor Sanchez aims to articulate Castaneda’s many genre-defining works into more clearly defined practices. It is clear that Sanchez too, has authentically explored shamanism as a spiritual lineage. And while he definitely succeeds in bringing down Castaneda’s works into useful and more clearly articulated practices, much of the spirit of Shamanism, which was so vividly communicated in Castaneda’s work, is missing here. Sanchez’s book is therefore useful […]

Shambhala – the Sacred Path of the Warrior


Like much of Chogyam Trungpa’s writing, this little book is somewhat deceptive. The language is so simple. But soon the attentive reader realises that she is being spun into a many-layered world of vast depths. Shambhala – the Sacred Path of the Warrior is one of two Trungpa books released by Shambhala meant to contain ‘secular’ teachings. Of course, the Lama remains rooted in his Buddhist lineage. But this little volume, being part of Trungpa’s Shambhala vision, was delivered in the spirit of providing everyday teachings to westerners, unadorned by the ‘other-worldliness’ of traditional Buddhist teachings. As the name suggests, these teachings tap authentically and […]

On the Nature of the Psyche

Spending time in the company of this ‘old master’ can never be miss-spent. In itself, Carl Jung’s exquisite writing is a delicious experience. Not to mention the profundity and depth of his thought. On the Nature of the Psyche will leave any mindful reader enriched. [More comprehensive review to follow.]

Re-Visioning Psychology

re-visioning psychology

Regarded by some as James Hillman’s magnum opus, Re-Visioning Psychology certainly is a groundbreaking, paradigm-shattering contribution to the field of Psychology. Not only at the time when it was written, which is more than forty years ago, but perhaps even more so today. This is a book that took Hillman to the shortlist for the Pulitzer Prize. The title is not to be taken lightly. Anyone who not only reads, but also deeply digests Re-Visioning Psychology cannot come away from it without being fundamentally shaken up. And realising that at least 80% of what is practiced under the banner ‘Psychology’ is not in fact logos […]

The Erotic and the Holy

erotic and holy

The Erotic and The Holy – The Kabbalistic Tantra of Hebrew Mysticism is a remarkable seven hour long talk presented by Mark Gafni. Here Gafni spins a rich tapestry of deep and profound connections between what is truly sacred and what is truly erotic. He does this from the point of view of mystical Judaism, focusing on the erotic symbolism at the core of Judaism. You may find Gafni’s talk here on the Audible website.