Stop the world

stop the world

‘If you can connect to the addictive quality, the urge to do something…. Patience is all about connecting to the addictive quality of anger, or whatever your addiction is. Connecting to the urge to do something. It is all about connecting with the addictive quality and sitting with that restless, painful energy. And not letting the momentum pull you under like an undertow, and cause you to do the same thing over and over, ruining your life and the life of those close to you. ‘That addictive quality…. For example, to criticise, to overeat, to abuse substances, to erupt in anger, to aggression, to jealousy, […]

Underworld of shadows


‘What has no shadow has no strength to live.’ – Czeslaw Milosz, from his poem Faith ‘Love crowns you and crucifies you’ Shadow is the darkness that my simple act of being here casts across the earth. The more I walk in the light, the starker my shadow. It is the evil I am, but which I don’t see. The vehement energy with which I deny my evil reveals its presence in me. Especially, the evil in others that pains me so, reflects its hidden shadow in my own being. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of it. But usually, without noticing, I cover over what I […]

Fundamental uncertainty

Federica Gionfrida

‘And so long as you haven’t experienced this: to die and so to grow, you are only a troubled guest on the dark earth.’ – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, from The Holy Longing We are going to die. Our continued existence is uncertain in every moment. And if we’re absolutely truthful with ourselves, we have to acknowledge that we really do not know what will happen to us as we die and after we die. Whatever our beliefs. For believing is not knowing. None of us have gone through the passage of death, yet. The more deeply we drop into being truthful with ourselves about […]