James Hillman says that ultimately there is only one sin, which he calls ‘literalisation’. Sin taken in its original meaning of ‘to miss the mark’. There are many layers and meanings to the notion of literalisation. One example is when we are open only to the literal meanings of events, ideas, myths or stories. Or fixate on their functional implications and applications, always turning them into allegories. Literalisation is a failure to grasp or acknowledge how poetic language more precisely captures inner experience than scientific formulation. Not grasping how metaphor has the power ‘to transfer us’ from one experiential reality to another. Ultimately, literalisation points […]

All these names …


The imaginal. The unconscious. Nagual. The primordial mirror. Drala. Tao. Underworld. Overworld. Even though it is implied that these names point to the same place, it is important to acknowledge that their differences are not merely arbitrary. Also, not any one of them is ‘right’ while the rest are somehow ‘wrong’. Each of the great minds who perceived the realities to which these names refer, deliberately chose a particular phrase to point to the reality they perceived. There are certain implications inherent to the names chosen. Each name is truly ‘a metaphor’ – a bridge that transfers us, opens us, to ‘another world’. If soul […]