‘If today we are sick from loss of soul, and if this alienation arises partly from the paucity of psychological ideas, then part of our healing proceeds through ideation. ... I would remove the discussion of ideas from the realm of thought to the realm of psyche.’

– James Hillman, from his Re-Visioning Psychology

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Living between realms: Individuation

Living between realms: Embodying


Underworld of shadows

Invoking Sophrosyne


Consensus culture

Love is transgressive

The artful lovemaking of darkness and light

Divination and prediction

On the inside of God's face

Ruminations on ‘God’

The mystery of meditation

Alchemical meditation

Spiritual materialism


The path

The unfathomable vastness of being

Fundamental uncertainty

The discipline of openness

Fear - our first teacher

Crafting a sense of soul

'Seeing' the world

The golden mean