imaginal astrology

‘The job that calls the astrologer is to think more poetically and metaphorically and less causally. Let the chart work like a mantra which affords revelations, a gaze into the beyond, a map of the unseen, a compendium of invisible powers.’

– James Hillman, from Alchemical Sky

A different kind of Astrology

The astrological chart is a map of powerful ‘presences’ in the sky, of the actual positions of planets and other points at a particular moment in time. Just as human fingerprints are unique, this exact pattern of positions never repeats again. Most people understand this map to supposedly reveal what influences the planets will cause in our lives. However, imaginal Astrology does not believe that the planets cause anything in our lives.

Plotinus, who lived in the third century CE, proposed a powerful and insightful idea. He was a neo-Platonist, one of the traditions in which Sacred River is rooted. He said the soul chooses certain things, which ‘sets the stage’ for the journey it longs to live, in the moment when it is given a human body and born into this world. Specifically, the soul chooses the body, the place of birth, the parents and the circumstances into which it is born.

Plotinus’s idea is significant, because on a very basic but pertinent level it means that each of us has to surrender during the course of our lives, to the story and experiences soul longs to live through us. From one angle this is a scary idea, because it implies we don’t have ‘free will’. But the paradox is that we do have free will: Carl Jung said that all choices we make in this life amount to choosing either to surrender to our destiny, or to obstruct it. Yet, the underlying truth is simple. The only life that feels truly meaningful to us, that truly satisfy us to the core, is the path of surrendering to what soul wants from us. Following this path is essential for soul-making.

However, most people don’t do this. The mythological truth encapsulated by the Adam-and-Eve story involves that we inevitably ‘fall from grace,’ that is, that our destinies fundamentally involve ‘falling out of paradise’. And we don’t get to go back to that place of primal Innocence. Yet, we are able to align ourselves to our destiny in such a way that our exposure to both good and evil can be deeply meaningful. But, most of us lose our way early on and do not make our way back to our destiny. Especially during times like these we live in, where we are exposed daily to cultures that have fundamentally lost their footing in Truth. But then, these are the very circumstances soul wanted for us.

Imaginal Astrology proposes that the natal chart reveals to us both what our destinies are, and the influences that might derail us from those destinies. Ultimately, getting clarity on these two is something that only crystallises over time. As we learn from life we repeatedly revisit our chart and each time arrive at new insights. ‘Ah, now I see how this force entangles me in that way, so that I lose my connection to soul.’ Or, ‘how that force entangled me, but because of that, it bound me into a struggle that “cleaned me up,” so that I became more receptive to soul.’ Imaginal Astrology uses the natal and annual return charts, to cultivate our ability to steer close to our destinies. This is their purpose. Any other use is very dangerous.

A key idea underlying Imaginal Astrology is that of ‘meaningful coincidences.’ Carl Jung called them ‘synchronicities’. They are when things happen in the physical world that mirror things going on at that same moment inside the soul. Inner and outer co-incide. This principle also underlies shamanism. So we ask the ‘shaman’ about ‘the bad luck’ that has been plaguing us over the last while. The fall of her bones at the moment when the question burdens the soul, tells her the story of what ails the soul. Similarly, the positions of the planets are not causes of events. Rather, they reveal the many stories, themes, characters and powerful influences inherently connected to that moment. That is, to the person borne into this life by that moment.

Astrology is a form of divination. To see more on the principles underlying divination, see the article Divination and prediction.

Fritz offers three types of Imaginal Astrology readings.

Natal chart reading. We look at your particular soul's journey in this life as pictured by the astrological chart at the time of your birth. The dramas, themes and forces influencing your life. We try to see your essential nature, distinct from your conditioned nature. A natal chart reading is done in one session of about one-and-a-half hours. It can be done either in person or online.

Annual Return chart. We look at your soul's journey over the next year. The themes and powerful influences in the year to follow, from one birthday to the next. We will look at your annual return chart next to your natal chart, as they are closely connected. So, it is preferable that you’ve done a natal chart reading with Fritz. An annual return reading is done in one session of about one-and-a-half hours. It can be done either in person or online.

Horary reading. Horary readings involve an astrological technique to provide insight regarding a specific question that is currently burdening your soul. It is done over one session of about one hour. It also requires some interaction beforehand to refine the issue involved and the specific question to be asked. The entire procedure can be done either in person or online.

My journey with Astrology, by Fritz Loest

I ‘dabbled’ and played around with Astrology since 2000. Eventually, in 2010 I completed a two-year certificate course in traditional Astrology at the Rod Suskin School of Astrology, which I passed Cum Laude. Since then I have done natal, annual return and horary readings for numerous clients and often use Astrology in imaginal therapy and soul-making work.

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