sacred river

‘The aim of therapy is the development of a sense of soul, and the method of therapy is the cultivation of imagination.’

– James Hillman, from his Universal Edition 1: Archetypal Psychology

Sacred River endeavours to be a centre where we cultivate no less than a revolution in our innermost beings. Rippling out into living erotically and meaningfully in our world, and deeply involved with others.

Fritz Loest offers several ‘vessels of containment’ for you to drop more deeply into conscious awareness of your own individual journey of transformation. All vessels strictly honour the fundamental requirement of confidentiality.

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Imaginal Therapy is for the psychological and spiritual treatment of disorders, wounds and crises. These include physical illnesses, psychological or sexual wounds rooted in personal history, spiritual emergencies or concerns, and practical problems or crises. Imaginal philosophy insists firmly on the wisdom received from so many traditions that all of existence is deeply interconnected to all of existence. So that soul, body, mind, spirit and the material world are organically interconnected and inseparable. Soul often uses seemingly random, unrelated, ‘external’ events like accidents, crises, physical illness and even being raised in so-called dysfunctional families, to draw attention to psychological urgencies. Imaginal therapy can be conducted in person or online.

Soul-Making is for mentoring and assistance to anyone who is already on, or wish to open to, their path of heart. A central idea here is that our life in this world can only be experienced as meaningful if our entire life becomes dedicated to ‘soul-making’. This is a core orienting principle of the lineage of Sacred River and goes back thousands of years. Perhaps its truth seems self-evident, but most people are habitually trapped in pathways not true to their authentic being. Soul-making entails opening to follow the calls from one’s true destiny, one’s deepest soul-longings, which anyone is able to do, no matter where they find themselves. For most people, the practicalities of doing this involves a radical departure from the way they’ve lived so far. Soul-making can be conducted in person or online.

Divination is both a separate vessel for awakening to a real experience of the meaning and power of ‘soul-making’ (see above), and a tool used in any of the other vessels. The original meaning of divination is ‘to consult destiny’. In other words, it is a tool through which we connect back into our deepest authenticity and our path of heart. Fritz uses two divinatory tools: I Ching and western Astrology. A divinatory consultation may consist of one or more sessions, depending on the tool used and your individual needs. Consider that this is a very different way of using both the I Ching and Astrology: the main concern here is not with ‘solving practical problems’ or prediction, but with facilitating, hopefully, the fundamentally revitalising experience of being touched sufficiently deeply by ‘divine grace,’ and so to discover where our path of transformation lies. Divination can be conducted in person or online.

Workshops can be a vessel for exploring ‘what this is all about,’ an entry-point vessel into working with Fritz, a tool used for either soul-making or imaginal therapy, or a vessel of initiation at key moments on one’s individual path. Workshops are designed to facilitate and activate often dormant spiritual and psychological processes. They involve talks, one-on-one work both with facilitator and other attendees, interactive group processes, dynamic and deep bodywork, various forms of breath-work, exploration of and familiarisation with spiritual and psychological practices and tools, and deep individual inner process. The nature of Sacred River workshops means they cannot be presented online.

Courses and talks are where we learn about and explore the wide range of various exciting teachings from the many traditions that feed into the lineage of Sacred River. Fritz is currently developing several series of courses and talks which will be made available in due time, both online and in person.

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